Intro to Restaurant Web 🕸️

Intro to Restaurant Web 🕸️
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Intro to Restaurant Web 🕸️ (and this blog)
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We research, design, and advocate for better websites + web-related services for the restaurant industry
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Feb 17, 2022
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Feb 28, 2022 12:46 PM
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This cover image is a doodle depicting the economics of the restaurant industry, set on a horizon and centered on a small establishment that has a web presence that is engaging and making money for the restaurant. | The image was made by made by
John Guerra
John Guerra
using The Doodle Library — Simple, reusable drawings.

As restaurant industry professionals we have been looking to solve the problem of local-based, independent restaurant’s lack of access to quality and affordable websites and web-related services so that we can provide a great guest experience and have more successful businesses now and into the future.

Heads-up: This incomplete draft of article is what we call a published/live draft.
Why? Because we think, research, draft, and edit in public. This is how we work. Plus it feels good and often necessary.


Restaurant Needs


Restaurants need professional-level services/tools for design, development, deployment, and management of performative websites that can be agile enough to adapt to changing consumer/tech/market trends and the occasional economic distribution… like a pandemic or fast moving cultural shifts.

Web Services

Restaurants need professional-level services/tools for design, development, deployment, and management of social media, content (newsletter, articles), e-commerce (gift cards, merchandise, delivery orders, event sales), listing and reviews, and other web-related services that are integrated into the website or adjacent.


Become a Client-Partner

We are currently working with a select few restaurants as Client-Partners to help us better understand the problems and solutions beyond our own restaurant experience. We are looking and taking applications for one or two more restaurants to work with.
Apply Now. We make selections in July 2023.

Support our work

If you like what we do for the restaurant industry
Support Restaurant Web
Support Restaurant Web

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

message from the editor,
John Guerra
John Guerra

Be easy on yourself. This restaurant website shit is hard.


We do not run ads, sell shit, or have sponsors. (we are exploring affiliate links)

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Written by

John Guerra
John Guerra

I am a thinker, designer, developer, maker (and breaker), and writer at Restaurant Web 🕸️ (by theIndustryDirect 🛸)